Bridging Nunu Spirits NFTs
to Polygon for a flash 24-
sale on OpenSea

Bridging Nunu Spirits NFTs to Polygon for a flash 24-sale on OpenSea


Bridging a small part of an NFT collection to a popular chain and running a limited-time exclusive sale can be a great way to attract attention to a game. That’s what Nunu Spirits did with the help of XP.NETWORK, moving 33 NFTs out of 3,000 from Avalanche to Polygon.

What is Nunu Spirits?

Nunu Spirits is an environmentally-friendly Play2Earn game. As you play on your smartphone, you don’t just earn tokens and collect NFTs but also help save the forests of our planet. The game was soft-launched in November 2022 and is available on Android and iOS.

The game is populated by nature spirits – NFTs that look a little bit like Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. They come in five rarity ranks from common to mythic

Nunu Spirits belongs to the casual game genre, meaning that you can play it anywhere, whenever you have a few minutes. There are no difficult rules to master, and you don’t need opponents: the whole experience is about relaxed fun. 

You have a couple of minigames to choose from. Make your Spirit run around obstacles in Nunu Adventures; race to the finish line collecting boosters in Vine Runner; or avoid poisonous clouds in Floor is Toxic. Along the way, you’ll be able to activate totems to clean trees from pollution.

As for rewards, you’ll collect NUGO (in-game currency) and gems along the way. NUGO lets you add more items to your inventory, including more advanced Spirit NFTs. You can also buy and sell them on the marketplace. The project also has a real blockchain token, NNT. 

At any point, you can return to the homebase, called Sanctuary, where you can browse various artifacts and skins, unlock new Nature Spirits, or simply wander through the magical forest. There are also daily quests to unlock even more rewards.

But the most interesting part of the project is probably the “green” strategy. As your Nature Spirit evolves to an Elder, you can choose to transform it into a real tree that the team of Nunu Spirits will plant for you. To get there, the Spirit NFT needs to pass first through the Seedling stage, then through the adult Spirit stage, and finally through the Elder tree stage. You can also choose to create a new Seedling as an offshoot of the Elder, preserving its traits. 

All the information about the planted trees is recorded using blockchain: your name, the date of planting, and location (GPS coordinates). More than 4,000 trees have already been planted since the project launched a year and a half ago. 

Nature Spirits start migrating from Avalanche to Polygon with XP.NETWORK

All Nunu Spirits NFTs were initially minted on Avalanche. There was a free Seedling mint for whitelisted users last November, followed by an opportunity to upgrade the Seedlings from common to uncommon or rare. Three ERC-1155 Seedlings could be merged into one Adult. 

The collection was (and still is) listed on NFTrade, but the main place to buy Nature Spirit NFTs is the game’s own portal. 

Avalanche is a good choice for a P2E game thanks to its speed and low fees – and for a while it was a major hub for NFT games. There were even points in 2022 when AVAX gas fees spiked because gaming activity in the network was very high.

However, with time blockchain gaming activity shifted to other chains, such as Polygon, BNB Chain, and MultiversX. This is part of the natural blockchain ebb and flow - especially during the bear market. 

Right now, if you look at game rankings on DappRadar, you’ll see that 6 out of the top 20 games run on Polygon (exclusively or in combination with other chains) and only one runs on Avalanche. 

Why Polygon? First of all, it has a huge community. We at XP.NETWORK always say that the main reason to bridge NFT collections is to access fresh audiences and liquidity. If your project hits a growth block on one network, simply try on another. You don’t need to rebuild the product (game), just bridge part of the collection and list it on a marketplace. You can even launch an incentive program for your users to bridge NFTs.

Such cross-chain marketing will cost much less than trying to attract new users on the old chain. And the results can be impressive: for example, where we helped Drifters bridge from Ethereum to MultiversX(Elrond), they quickly became one of the top-selling collections in that ecosystem. 

Successful Early Bird sale on Polygon: most Nunu NFTs sold in 24 hours

The bridging operation itself was straightforward enough, as the move from Avalanche C-Chain to Polygon is a move between two EVM chains. All we needed to do is to make sure that the smart contract logic is preserved, such as token IDs and trait rarities. 

The latter isn’t trivial, by the way. When you have a collection of 3,000 NFTs on the original chain, and only 30 of them have a certain trait, the rarity of that trait will be 1%. What happens if you bridge just 100 NFTs to another chain, but 2 out of those 100 have that trait? Technically 2 is 2% of 100, but you need to make sure that the rarity displayed on the destination chain is the same as at origin – that is, 1%. 

With XP.NETWORK, rarity is always displayed correctly. The original chain name, nonce, and metadata URI are also displayed to make it clear that the NFTs have been bridged from Avalanche. This is an anti-scam measure: even if someone creates a fake Nunu collection with the same images on Polygon, it will be clear that it’s not the real thing. Only NFTs bridged with XP.NETWORK display the origin chain.

Just 33 NFTs out of 3,000 were bridged on April 16, and on May 8 Nunu Spirits announced an Early Bird sale on Polygon with special prices: 70 MATIC for a Common Spirit, 180 MATIC for Uncommon, etc. 

The sale lasted only 24 hours, and most of the NFTs were sold, generating 2 ETH in volume. One user even bought a Rare Nunu for 470 MATIC (over $400). 

As this was just an Early Bird sale, more rounds can follow. We’ll keep working with Nunu Spirits and post more updates as we bridge  more NFTs. Remember that thanks to the V.3.0 version of the XP.NETWORK bridge, you can now whitelist collections and initiate bridging on your own – you don’t even need us! 

Integrate bridge to your dApp in less than 60 min

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