XP.NETWORK bridges
Inka Empire from VeChain
to Polygon


XP.NETWORK bridges
Inka Empire from VeChain
to Polygon


More and more NFT projects are expanding to Polygon, attracted by low fees, great speed, and a large audience on OpenSea. The latest project we’ve collaborated with on such a move is Inka Empire – a colorful NFT collection of Inca warriors and priests.


About Inka Empire and The Adventures World

The Inka Empire is an adventure project built on VeChain by Llama Digital Studios. If you’ve been following our case studies, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been working with many VeChain-based collections and games – in fact, you could say that XP.NETWORK is really helping to build a full ecosystem on VeChain. Read the summary in our Case Studies section.

The original Inka Empire Genesis is a collection of 2,004 PFP NFTs. The story follows the mighty warriors of the Inka empire in South America - led by their King Ayar Manco - as they fight to recapture the land from the Spanish conquistadors. Our partnership with The Inka Empire project started with this Genesis collection.

The next collection was Gods of Olympus, followed by Inka Empire: The Conquest. This chapter continues the story of the courageous king Ayar Manco in 2,150 NFTs. You can still mint a Conquest NFT on VeChain here.

Inka Empire NFTs will have their primary utility within the upcoming Adventures World – a passive Sign & Click game on VeChain where you’ll be able to collect resources, explore the map, battle enemies, etc. Locations include the Coricancha Temple, the Gate of Hell and even the site of an alien invasion.

Bridging Inka warriors to Polygon with XP.NETWORK

VeChain is a great choice for a scalable NFT game, but its NFT market is still in an early stage. There are a few marketplaces (WorldOfV, VeSea), but the number of users and trading volume aren’t comparable to those on OpenSea.

Therefore, it makes sense to expand a VeChain project to a chain like Polygon – also fast and cheap, but supported by OpenSea and with lots of NFT collectors. And it’s not just VeChain-based collections, either: for example, we recently bridged Age of Zalmoxis to Polygon from Elrond and StreetPunks from BNB Chain.

As you can see on OpenSea, a few dozen Inka Empire NFTs have been bridged so far under the title Inka Empire: The True Legacy – but that’s only the beginning, of course.

An interesting thing to note is that XP.NETWORK preserves the smart contract logic when bridging, including royalties. This is important, because royalties are a source of revenue for a project or a creator, so if you move a collection to another chain, you need a way to get royalties from the NFT sales on other chains. In this case, InkaEmpire NFTs have a 6% royalty rate on OpenSea.

InkaEmpire has also added the XP.NETWORK widget to their official website. This is the easiest way to transfer an NFT from their collection from VeChain to Polygon. The bridging widget works only one way, but if you wish to send an InkaEmpire NFT back from Polygon to VeChain, you can always do it through the official bridge page.

Bridging with XP.NETWORK is very easy:

  • Choose the departure and destination chains (for example, VeChain and Polygon).
  • Connect a wallet on the departure chain (for VeChain that would be Sync2).
  • The bridge will locate and display all the NFTs on the account.
  • Pick one or several NFTs (yes, you can batch-bridge collectibles with XP.NETWORK).
  • Enter a recipient address.
  • Confirm the transaction and the fee. Remember that you’ll need to pay a gas fee on both chains plus the bridge validators’ fee – but everything is paid in the coins of the departure chain (VET in our case).
  • Wait for the bridging to be completed. It can take a little time to update the database, so you may not see the NFT on the destination wallet straight away.

In conclusion

Polygon is a very popular blockchain for bridging NFT collections. It opens up new possibilities for NFT projects, especially games and metaverses looking to attract a bigger audience.

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