IMPS Kingdom

IMPs Kingdom is exploring the opportunities of multichain with XP.NETWORK


IMPs Kingdom is a huge digital, multiplayer world where imps form alliances, build their own castles, weave intrigues and strive to become the most powerful.

The legendary blockchain game returns

Back in 2018, long before Axie Infinity, there was Ether Kingdom – one of the first blockchain games and the precursor to the Play2Earn and GameFi industries of today. Four years later, Ethere Kingdoms was reborn as IMPs Kingdom, a vast multiplayer world that combines sophisticated RPG strategy with attractive P2E incentives.

In IMPs Kingdom, imps build castles, raise legions, and battle for supremacy. As Heroes go on quests, castles produce resources like armor and weapons. Once the imps have extracted the riches of one world, they can open a portal to the next – and the game will continue.

From Ethereum to BSC and onwards

The original Ether Kingdoms ran on Ethereum - back when the gas fees were low enough to sustain a game. But in March 2021, the owner of the project, GameDelta, transferred the rights to the game to a new team – and thus came a relaunch on Binance Smart Chain, which already hosts some of the biggest names in GameFi, such as CryptoBlades, RobotWars, and MOBOX.

In October 2021, IMPs Kingdom was among the winners of the Binance Smart Chain hackathon, gaining the most points in the ‘P2E Potential’ category. This success was followed by a number of important partnerships, including YAY Games, Gamerse, Crowd and NFTONE.

IMPs Kingdom is expanding to new chains

The future of GameFi is multichain, with active Play-to-Earn ecosystems growing on BSC, Tron, Solana, Avalanche, Harmony, Elrond, Fantom, and other chains, as well as Ethereum sidechains like Axie’s Ronin. The largest opportunities, however, open up to those games that manage to expand to multiple chains.

This requires the use of NFT bridges – and here XP.NETWORK is the undisputed leader, with around 12 EVM and non-EVM chains supported so far. IMPs Kingdom will be one of the first gaming and metaverse projects to explore the full potential of XP.NETWORK.

Thanks to the integration of the XP.NETWORK multichain bridge, users are already able to mint and trade IMPs Kingdom assets beyond the boundaries of the original game on the NFTONE marketplace. NFTONE is the largest gaming marketplace on the Tron blockchains.

IMPs Kingdom’s in-game assets are also available on Polyon via the Rarible marketplace in the form of lootboxes – closed containers that conceal items of different rarity ranks: for example, an Angel Lootbox, worth over 100 MATIC, contains guaranteed Epic and Mythic items.

As XP.NETWORK also supports Avalanche, Elrond, Gnosis, and many other chains, there are many more routes for IMPs Kingdom to explore. The multichain approach may play an important role for the upcoming stages of the game’s roadmap, which includes the introduction of Hero reincarnations, Dungeons, Generals, Clans, Mercenaries, alliances, wars between alliances and clans, and other attributes of a large-scale strategy game.


"Gaming has always been close to the hearts of the whole XP.NETWORK team. It’s very exciting to see our products working in synergy with an iconic game. Ether Kingdom were the true pioneers in this space, and now, as IMPs Kingdom, they can conquer new frontiers with the help of our bridge."

Nir Blumberger

CEO & Co-Founder, XP.NETWORK


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