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Since it started its way in 2019, Elrond has set its sights on establishing the fastest, most affordable, internet-scale blockchain.


To achieve this, Elrond introduced a new Adaptive State Sharding mechanism and a Secure Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm to the blockchain world. Two pivotal innovations that enable the high scalability and execution speed provided to its users. Elrond can process over 15,000 transactions per second, with latency measured by a few seconds and with minimal cost. The ecosystem is a home for several DeFi platforms, many of them created and integrated by the users, and several NFT marketplaces - all fueled by its native coin, the EGLD.


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In 2021 digital assets trade became a common and highly lucrative practice, and NFTs turned into an integral part of the blockchain world. This unexpected surge brought a great demand for NFT oriented tools to make this practice easy, simple, and accessible. As an ecosystem that seeks to create a new internet economy and stay in the front line of blockchain innovation - Elrond is obligated to ensure its user can participate in this 44 billion USD worth NFT market. To do so, Elrond has updated its entire ecosystem to accommodate every NFT owner's need. From affordable gas fees and easy minting process to tools like the Maiar app, which a convenient NFT compatibility joined its already advanced interface. With time, the Elrond community contributed by establishing NFT marketplaces, like Trust Market and Deadrare, and more projects currently in development. All that was left to turn this vast ecosystem into an ideal greenhouse for NFT projects was a way to seamlessly move assets between Elrond's NFT marketplaces and platforms to as many blockchains as possible.


“Deploying multichain interoperability bridges is the Web3 equivalent of setting up new trade routes between countries: a vector of growth for all the involved economies. The XP Network multichain NFT bridge stands to make a significant contribution to the new internet and the broader metaverse economy.”

Beniamin Mincu

CEO, Co-founder of Elrond

On November 2nd, 2021, Elrond announced its partnership with XP.NETWORK - The company behind the first NFT proficient multi-chain bridge. As part of this partnership, Elrond integrated the bridge into its system and insured its users with true inter-chain mobility to their digital assets. An ability that ensures a free flow of digital assets between Elrond to BSC, Polygon, Tron, Algorand, Solana, and several other blockchains which entered a similar partnership with XP.NETWORK. This gradual process of connecting more and more blockchains and decentralized platforms to an NFT designated bridge is a key element for maximizing the potential offered by blockchains and NFTs. By integrating the bridge, Elrond becomes one of the main pioneers to promote this vision.


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