Drifters take a historical step from Ethereum to Elrond


Drifters is a complex and ambitious NFT ecosystem split into several stages. First come the Drifters themselves – visionary avatars that serve as the access key to the rest of the metaverse. Next, the project will launch Aevitas, a virtual world where you can buy land and display or monetize your creations.

There’s also the $AEV token and Driftopia, an actual physical eco-village organized according to the principles of Web 3.0.


The Genesis collection of 1,000 Innovators was minted in Q4 2021 on the Ethereum network and has a floor price of 0.95 ETH on OpenSea.

However, the Ethereum space was too tight for the Drifters’ pioneering, disruptive spirits. The first among all Ethereum-based NFT collections, they took a bold decision to migrate to Elrond – and chose XP.NETWORK as their partner.

XP.NETWORK helped the ambitious metaverse project Drifters bring a Genesis collection of 1,000 NFTs over from the clunky and expensive Ethereum to the fast, NFT-friendly Elrond network.

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Drifters on Elrond

Elrond is a fast, scalable, and resource-efficient blockchain that can process up to 7,000 transactions per second with a time to finality of just 6 seconds. Thanks to sharding, the network doesn’t lag even when the transaction load is very high.

A transaction on Elrond costs just $0.001. Plus, the chain has a native NFT standard, ESDT, which makes it possible to issue non-fungible assets without introducing additional smart contracts.

Elrond is home to a vibrant and rapidly growing NFT ecosystem, with over 200 collections and half a dozen marketplaces. The combination of unusual designs, near-zero fees, and fast processing makes this one of the most interesting NFT spaces out there – and a potential rival to non-fungibles on Solana and Ethereum.

It was only a matter of time before NFT projects started migrating to Elrond – and Drifters became the trailblazers. The 1,000 Innovators found a new home on Elrond, and soon a new collection of 10,000 Settlers was launched there.

This became possible thanks to XP.NETWORK, the first NFT bridge that supports the migration of digital collectibles between multiple EVM and non-EVM networks. In fact, it’s the only platform that enables NFT bridging between Ethereum and Elrond.


"I’m certain this will be the first spark that ignites a fire (for NFT projects) to join the vibrant Elrond ecosystem, thanks to XP.NETWORK's bridge."

Henry Zhou

Founder and CEO of Drifters


"We are firm believers in the future of Elrond as a hub of NFT innovation, so we were excited for an opportunity to bring one of the most innovative NFT projects on Ethereum over to Elrond. May the Drifters travel safely on the bridges we build."

Nir Blumberger

CEO & Co-Founder, XP.NETWORK

Instant success

The arrival of Drifters on Elrond became a landmark event and an immediate success. The project quickly rose to no.2 on Deadrare.io, the most popular non-fungible marketplace in the network. In terms of the number of individual sales and the ATH price, Drifters have virtually caught up with Elrond Apes.

The success of Drifters showcases the immense window of opportunity open for projects that take the leap from Ethereum to alternative networks. With over 12 networks supported, XP.NETWORK will continue to help projects grow their audience, reduce fees, and attract new liquidity in the larger world of diverse but interconnected chains.


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