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CrossPunks expand from BSC to Ethereum with XP.NETWORK


CrossPunks features 10,000 pixelated characters on a gradient pink and purple background. 11 of them represent the most influential characters in the world of crypto, including Elon Musk, CZ, Jack Dorsey, and Doge the Shiba Inu dog.

About CrossPunks and CrossCars

In April, CrossPunks followed the example of the Bored Apes Yacht Club and released a companion collection: CrossCars. It features 20,000 cars divided in two factions: pink and purple. The factions are named Technomaniacs and Awokensages.

Most of the cars are classic Punk vehicles inspired by the visuals of Mad Max. Rarer car types include Alien, Zombie, and Ape, plus 11 very special Crypto Friend vehicles – companion cars to the 11 CrossPunk influencer figures.

CrossCars will be used in an upcoming game, where they will fight each other. Players will be able to enhance their cars’ attributes using special cards that they will be able to obtain through crafting and staking. It will even be possible to build new cars from scratch using a set of attributes.

The project has its own in-game currency, CST (Intergalactic Credits), as well as the FUEL utility token, required for crafting. CTS yield farming and staking should soon become available.

Another thing that differentiates CrossPunks from other punk NFT collections is its well-developed lore, which traces the punks voyage through space to a new planet. Much of the lore remains to be revealed.

CrossPunks and CrossCars already available on Ethereum thanks to XP.NETWORK

The NFT ecosystem on BSC is large and vibrant, but it still can’t compare in size to the Ethereum-Polygon ecosystem. For example, the total all-time NFT trading volume on AirNFTs, the best-known independent marketplace on BSC, is lower than the average daily volume on OpenSea.

OpenSea is where the majority of NFT collectors and liquidity reside. Therefore, making a collection available on one of the blockchains supported by OpenSea is a wise step for any NFT project to make.

OpenSea currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Klaytn. And while the Ethereum transaction fees remain too high for effective trading in most collections apart from the expensive blue chips, Polygon provides a great alternative. The average transaction fee is less than $0.5, and the confirmation time is around 15 seconds.

How do you port an NFT collection from BSC to Polygon, though? Here’s where XP.NETWORK comes in. Our bridge can easily transfer a collection of any size between any two out of the 16 supported networks, both EVM and non-EVM. It’s the only multichain bridge designed specifically for NFTs that has integrated so many networks.

In this case, the transition from BSC to Polygon is an easy one, as both are EVM chains. The successful result was announced on StreetPunks’ Twitter on May 19.

CrossPunks were initially released on Binance Smart Chain as it has a vast NFT ecosystem and provides a good combination of medium-to-low transaction fees and good processing speed. However, the project’s goal is to build up a presence on all popular chains.

Ethereum was selected as the first chain that CrossPunks should migrate to due to the importance of this platform in the history of NFTs as the original home of the Crypto Punks and Ether Rocks. In the future, the community of CrossPunks will decide which new chains should be added.

CrossPunks selected XP.NETWORK as their multichain partner as our NFT bridge supports more networks than any other bridge designed for non-fungible assets. Moreover, we support both EVM and non-EVM chains and can preserve the logic of a smart contract when moving collections between these two very different types of networks.


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