Bithoven educational platform
integrates the bridge widget to send
NFTs from Polygon to BNB

Bithoven educational platform integrates the bridge widget to send NFTs from Polygon to BNB


The NFT industry is more than games and artworks: Bithoven uses special NFT keys to reward the community for contributions to its educational portal. Originally on Polygon, these NFT keys are now also supported on BNB Chain thanks to XP.NETWORK.

What is Bithoven?

Our new partner Bithoven is a Learn-and-Earn platform – a place where both beginners and pros can improve their knowledge of blockchain and crypto and get rewarded for it. Learn-and-Earn (L2E) is a very interesting new concept that will hopefully become more widespread – after all, it’s much better to get tokens for studying new things than for mindless clicking. 

The platform already has over 1,000 authors and a lot of content, ranging from stablecoin basics to the technical complexities of specific blockchains. And while anyone can access the content, you will need a special NFT (a BTH key) to have your progress saved in the dashboard and to accumulate rewards. 

Bithoven’s NFT keys come in three types: Silver (max 500 issued), Gold (350), and Diamond (150). That makes a total of 1,000, so only 1,000 users can become full members of the platform, making it more exclusive. 

Apart from the L2E rewards, NFT key holders get access to a VIP Discord channel,  DAO voting, meetups with the developers, closed testing, and future staking pools. They will also be prioritized for the upcoming BTN token drop.

To mint an BTH NFT key, users have to get whitelisted through the Telegram bot.

Bridging BTH keys to BNB Chain with XP.NETWORK

The mint of the exclusive NFT keys takes place on Polygon. However, in order to popularize the concept of Learn2Earn, the team decided to also add support for BNB Chain. XP.NETWORK was the logical choice of a partner for this cross-chain expansion.

We always say that the main benefit of bridging NFTs to other blockchains is being able to reach out to new communities. It’s a good way to popularize a new project, especially one that is built on a non-EVM chain like MultiversX, Tezos, VeChain, etc. 

Bithoven’s case is much simpler from the technical point of view, as Polygon and BNB Chain are both EVM networks. Apart from whitelisting the collection, the project made the wise step to integrate XP.NETWORK’s bridging widget – a very handy tool that can be integrated into any HTML page. You can customize the widget to support the chains you need and to match your website’s style. Learn more about the widget here

The XP.NETWORK widget implementation on the Bithoven site 

So far, a couple dozen NFTs have been bridged, including a few Gold and Diamond BTH keys. You can find them on OpenSea.

We are excited to participate in the evolution of the Learn2Earn trend, and we think that using NFTs as authorization keys to access rewards for learning is a great idea. Would you like to expand your own NFT project to a new EVM or non-EVM chain? Then write to us at [email protected] and we’ll gladly explain all the steps. 

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