To bravely cross the line
from analog to digital


The Austrian Post has presented the world’s first blockchain stamp. With this release Austria´s largest mail delivery service links the analog and the digital era.




crypto stamp
Stamp Card

Since 2019, the Austrian Post has issued several NFT stamp collections - a major technological step toward bringing blockchain technology into daily practical use - With almost 500,000 units sold out rapidly. Every stamp includes a scannable QR code that provides complete traceability on previous owners, procedures, and locations it interacts with. The crypto-stamp puts the Austrian Post on the first line of technology by marking one of the earliest adoptions of NFTs by a country’s official postal service.

austin card

The challenges

While offering several features, the crypto stamp utility is currently available mainly for xDai and Ethereum blockchains users. A situation that narrows down the expansion of this practice tremendously and presents a significant adoption barrier. To solve these issues, the Austrian Post is in the midst of a process of moving its service to the Polygon blockchain. This shift presents a whole new challenge by the complexity involved with moving the crypto-stamps data. An inter-chain transfer of that scale will require a substantial investment of funds or even hundreds of thousands of NFTs to be re-minted on the Polygon blockchain.

One bridge
to move them all

On December 2021, during their presentation at the Hamburg Blockchance Convention, the Austrian Post announced its latest 3.1 crypto-stamp series, already available to purchase on OpenSea. Another important part of this presentation was an announcement on a strategic partnership with XP.NETWORK - Who will play a pivotal part in the crypto stamps future. XP.NETWORK’s multi-chain NFT bridge facilitates seamless and accessible inter-chain NFT transfers. By utilizing this tool, the Austrian Post guarantees a safe and total transfer of its whole collection of crypto-stamps. This procedure prevents the need to re-mint its entire collection of crypto stamps. The platform will provide seamless transfers of the collection as a whole and assure Austrian Post blockchain change will only be noticed by the improvement and growth of the stamp utility.


“The crypto-stamp is a great precedent and example for NFTs crossing over from the world of art into everyday uses. We are very excited about this opportunity to demonstrate the NFT bridge abilities with a transfer of such scale.”

Nir Blumberger

CEO & Co-Founder, XP.NETWORK


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