Apes Planet to migrate its NFT collections to BSC via the XP.NETWORK bridge

Apes Planet to migrate its NFT collections to BSC


Apes Planet is a civilization where 7,777 Ape Warriors live, mastering the art of war. All have special skills and unique attributes integrated into a 3D fighting game, getting ready to battle each other to become Ape Legends.


The Warrior Ape collection was originally minted on Ethereum, which makes sense as this network has the largest NFT community and liquidity by far. However, Ethereum cannot sustain a large on-chain P2E game, as the rewards wouldn’t cover the gas fees for many players. Plus, users would have to wait for a couple of minutes for each transaction to get confirmed, which is hardly acceptable in a fast-pace game.

A decision was taken to migrate the collection to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which already has a vast Play-to-Earn ecosystem with games like SecondLive, Era7, and MOBOX, as well as acceptable transaction fees ($0.16 on average). The $APN token also ‘lives’ on BSC.

How do you move 7,777 NFTs from one chain to another? The logical answer is XP.network – the most comprehensive NFT bridge in the market with over 12 supported networks. These include Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Elrond, Algorand, Tron, and more.

Besides, we already have experience bridging large NFT collections, such as StreetPunks and Drifters, so bridging Warrior Apes from Ethereum to BSC didn’t present any technical challenge for the bridge.

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What is Apes Planet, our new partner?

XP.NETWORK’s roster of partnerships keeps growing, especially in the niches of GameFi and the metaverse. The latest addition is Apes Planet, a Play-to-Earn 3D fighting game and metaverse ecosystem centered on 7,777 Warrior Apes. These feature different designs for armor, weapons, etc.

Warrior Apes will battle each other in a 3D fighting game built on Unreal Engine, the world’s premier framework for creating computer games. Early footage shows apes using various attack combos and spells – and while the graphics are not final, there is a marked difference in quality from most P2E games.

Players will face each other in tournaments to earn $APN tokens, mystery boxes, and so-called Banana Points. Those who win the top spots in the weekly and monthly tournaments will get additional prizes.

Those who win at least 5 tournaments will also be able to upgrade their NFT to a Legendary Ape. This exclusive NFT collection will feature just 15 characters, and Legendary Ape holders will be eligible for a special set of perks, such as a share in the marketplace revenue.

Apart from the fighting game, Apes Planet will feature Olympus of the Eternal Victory, a P2E treasure hunt game where players solve puzzles to find hidden objects; and a set of competitions based on the Ancient Greek Olympic Games, such as chariot racing and javelin throwing.

In addition to earning tokens and other rewards through playing, Apes Planet users will be able to stake their NFTs, $APN, and Ape Planet Passes – special assets that give access to the P2E games and rewards even if one doesn’t hold a Warrior Ape.

The partnership roadmap

The collaboration between XP.NETWORK and Apes Planet doesn’t end with bridging the Warrior Apes. The project also plans to make its future collections of in-game assets multichain: these include weapons, mystery boxes, spells, etc. They will be minted on BSC but bridged to Ethereum, so that those who still hold their Ape Warriors there can equip them properly.

XP.NETWORK’s ecosystem of partnerships is quickly expanding, with over five games and metaverse projects already using the bridge to expand to other chains. It’s not just migrations between EVM chains, either: for example, recently we helped Drifters move from Ethereum to Elrond, the first NFT collection to do so. This has become possible because the XP.NETWORK bridge can move NFTs between EVM and non-EVM networks while preserving their smart contract logic.

We are in talks with many more P2E games and other NFT projects that wish to go cross-chain. Follow XP.NETWORK on Twitter and Telegram and don’t miss the news on the next partnership.

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