Age of Zalmoxis - the first Elrond RPG game expands to Polygon and ETH markets

Age of Zalmoxis - the
first Elrond RPG game
expands to Polygon and
ETH markets


A third person massively multiplayer action RPG with NFT and Blockchain integration in a ancient fantasy version of the Dacian kingdom grounded in history where threats from other realms converge.

Age of Zalmoxis brings the magic of ancient Dacia to life

Age of Zalmoxis is a third-person massive multiplayer action RPG (MMORPG) that features NFTs and GameFi mechanics. It is loosely based on the ancient kingdom of Dacia, which was located in modern-day Romania and succesfully resisted the onslaught of the Roman Empire until they were eventually conquered by Emperor Trajan after two bloody wars. Zalmoxis was the name of a Dacian divinity.

The game runs on the Elrond network – an exceptionally scalable L1 with near-instant, near-free transactions. To play the game, users need a Hero’s Soul. The basic way to obtain it is to buy an NFT from the Origin collection of 3,462 souls. Apart from playing the key role in the gameplay, they can be staked to receive regular rewards.

At the time of posting Origin souls are available on the built-in marketplace starting at 4.5 EGLD, as well as on XOXNO and DeadRare.

Users who hold at least two Origin Souls can perform summonings to receive new Hero souls for free. Summoned souls are also traded on marketplaces.

Once the game is released, it will feature seasonally changing stories and missions, ranging from season-long Sagas to short Vignettes that a player can complete in a single session. Characters will come with different skills and professions and can own horses and other inventory. There will be both one-on-one and team PvP battles (Battle Royale).

Age of Zalmoxis also has virtual lands that can be purchased: the first such event took place in June 2022. The roadmap for the coming months includes an interactive land map, a land and inventory marketplace, the first PvP tournaments, and even a horse breeding feature.

Like we’ve mentioned, Age of Zalmoxis is built on Elrond – an increasingly popular blockchain for games and NFTs, especially fantasy-themed projects. Its extra-low fees make it a great choice for GameFi with its thousands of small transactions and a need for fast, smooth gameplay.

At XP.NETWORK, we are seeing a lot of demand from GameFi and NFT teams that want to expand to Elrond. For example, we are working with HokiZuki, which bridged from Polygon to Elrond; and with Drifters and Hog Homies, which migrated from Ethereum.

The collaboration with Age of Zalmoxis is interesting in that it’s an expansion from Elrond to another chain – in this case Polygon. It’s understandable Polygon is supported by OpenSea, so it gives access to a vast new audience. Users who discover Origin Soul NFTs on OpenSea will also learn about the game and decide to try it out.

Also, NFT projects bridging between chains attract a lot of media attention, as this technology is still new. All in all, bridging collections with XP.NETWORK is an efficient user acquisition strategy for GameFi projects.

As of the time of writing, we have deployed 17 NFT smart contracts bridging various Age of Zalmoxis to Polygon. These include Origin Fire souls, Aether souls, and various Summoned souls. The biggest of the bridged collections so far is Age of Zalmoxis Land, with dozens of chests.

Every chest contains a parcel of land, to be revealed at a later date (at the same time as the interactive land map is released), items such as armour, weapons and chance on legendary items and mythical Alpine plots. Buyers can choose between different areas: Pontic (next to the Black Sea), Pannonian (on the west plains), Continental, and Steppe.

To use such a Polygon-based NFT in the game, users first need to bridge them to Elrond. For this, the game’s team has integrated XP.NETWORK’s handy widget – the most user-friendly tool for transferring NFTs. Users don’t need to connect to the XP.NETWORK website and choose among more than 20 destination and target chains: instead, they can bridge NFTs directly from the site of The Age of Zalmoxis.

After choosing the direction (Polygon to Elrond or vice versa), one needs to connect a wallet (Maiar for Elrond and MetaMask or WalletConnect for Polygon), pick the NFT to be bridged, and enter the destination address.

The road ahead: expansion to Ethereum

The next step for XP.NETWORK will be to bridge the same 17 collections that have been transferred to Polygon to Ethereum, as well. As always, the most important part for us is to preserve the smart contract logic and to ensure complete security.

By the way, XP.NETWORK has a special Bridge Explorer – a cutting-edge solution to track cross-chain transactions with NFTs. As they are bridged from one chain to another, you can view the origin and destination chains, the addresses of the sender and the recipient, collection name and URI, and other data. Such explorers will become increasingly important as the flow of NFTs across chains intensifies.

Integrate bridge to your dApp in less than 60 min

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