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Layered security system

The intricate, multi-layer security system protects NFTs flowing through the Bridge from all types of attacks.

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Successful projects are already

XP.NETWORK enables interoperability on 3 chains for Decentralized Pictures

We’ve teamed up with a non-profit startup that aims to decentralize the way movies are made. Thanks to Decentralized Pictures, film directors can raise funding for content upvoted by users.

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XP.NETWORK and Employees of the Metaverse: connecting NFTs and the real world

In this case study, we take a popular cannabis-themed ecosystem go cross-chain on Harmony One, BNB Chain, and Ethereum with an NFT collection and many opportunities for the community.

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XP.NETWORK bridges
Inka Empire from
VeChain to Polygon

More and more NFT projects are expanding to Polygon, attracted by low fees, great speed and a large audience on OpenSea. The latest project we’ve collaborated with on such a move is Inka Empire – a colorful NFT collection of Inca warriors and priests.

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Listen to our weekly chats with XP.NETWORK’s top utility partners and get the latest scoops about new features and integrations.

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What XP.NETWORK partners say


“It is a pleasure to have such a great opportunity to cooperate with XP.NETWORK for the coming projects, looking forward to building a stronger and better NFT chain together, make the dream happening!!!”

H.E Mr. Justin (Yuchen) SUN

H.E Mr. Justin (Yuchen) SUN

Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Grenada to the WTO. Founder of TRON.


“Our partnership with XP.NETWORK is an excellent opportunity to become an active part of a fascinating transition sweeping the world. We can't wait to see what we can achieve together - knowing what we do here will echo for the rest of the decade.“

Davis Workman

Sandeep Nailwal

Co-founder of Polygon


"We are delighted to establish a partnership with XP.NETWORK and unite our powers to start working on innovative projects. Together, we’ll significantly contribute to the development of the whole crypto industry and Web.3!”

Farkhad Shagulyamov

Farkhad Shagulyamov

Founder & CEO of Velas


“Deploying multichain interoperability bridges is the Web3 equivalent of setting up new trade routes between countries: a vector of growth for all the involved economies. XP.NETWORK multi-chain NFT bridge stands to make a significant contribution to the new internet and the broader metaverse economy.”

Beniamin Mincu

Beniamin Mincu

Founder & CEO of MultiverseX


XP.NETWORK received grants from 15+ blockchains
XP.NETWORK received grants from
15+ blockchains

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In Web 3.0, users and businesses exchange value & data directly. That’s what XP.NETWORK is buidling for NFTs: an interconnected space where collectors, gamers & projects interact across chains.

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