XP.network completed its $4.5M presale. Join the community for launch and listing dates.

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XP.network completed its $4.5M presale. Join the community for launch and listing dates.

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Design, deploy, migrate - with or without code

Many blockchains support NFTs, but which one is best for your project? With XP.network, you can try them all. Build a dApp without code using the graphic editor or write it in your favorite programming language, then deploy to any chain you want.

Want to migrate? No problem. XP.network allows you to move a dApp to another chain with a single click. We support Diem, Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC, Cardano, Solana, Elrond, Avalanche, and Heco (more are coming soon).

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Fully multi-chain

Build & deploy NFT DApps on any of the 10+ supported blockchains, including Facebook's upcoming Diem. Switch between chains easily or deploy on multiple chains. No coding skills needed (but you’re welcome to use them)!


Thanks to Polkadot’s sharded interoperability protocol we can connect your NFT dApp to other blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, so that you can maximize your outreach and monetization opportunities.

An inclusive ecosystem

We aren’t just looping in chains. We are building the largest NFT dApp ecosystem – one that will connect different protocols and remove the entry barriers for non-technical entrepreneurs.


A complete toolset for building great NFT dApps, including a smart contract editor, a migration module, a compliance validator, an app editor, a Polkadot VM hub, a testnet, and more.

5 uses of the XPNET token

PoS validation

Stake XPNET and earn rewards for securing the network.


All gas fees on the XP.network parathread are paid with XPNET.


Delegate your XPNET to validators and receive a share of their rewards.

Cross-chain value transfer

XPNET is needed to move assets between chains.


Vote on how XP.network will develop (to be introduced gradually).

Use cases



Meet the entrepreneurs, engineers, and communication experts who make up the XP.network team.


Visually follow our progress towards a full-scale multichain ecosystem for NFT dApps.

Token Metrics

Learn about the XPNET token allocation, sale rounds, price, and vesting schedule.


Get an in-depth look at the smart contract editor, migration modules, and other elements of XP.network’s architecture.


Check out the fresh commits and tell us what you think – we especially appreciate feedback from fellow devs.

XP.network community


This group is the buzzing hub of our community. Ask us anything or chat with other XP.network enthusiasts.


Every week, we bring you detailed development updates and our take on the NFT industry trends.


Be the first to know what’s going on with XP.network and communicate directly with the team.


Business updates and opinions from the executive team. We are always glad to expand our professional network.