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Layered security system

The intricate, multi-layer security system protects NFTs flowing through the Bridge from all types of attacks.

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The first-ever game to expand from Caduceus to Polygon

By building products on a fast, NFT-optimized chain like Caduceus and bridging assets to large chains like Polygon, metaverse projects can get the best of both worlds. 

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Bridging Volted Dragons to BNB Chain

When expanding a mixed P2E/DeFi ecosystem to other chains, the gaming part often gets less attention than the DeFi part – and yet it’s crucial to take both of them multichain. Our new partnership with Volt Inu showcases how easily this can be done.

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Bridging Solana NFTs: why it’s so important for the NFT ecosystem

As Solana’s NFT ecosystem’s on the rise again, it’s a good moment to look at how it’s integrated in the XP.NETWORK ecosystem. Its NFT token standard is very different from those of EVM chains, but thanks to the efforts of our brilliant dev team, Solana NFTs are now flowing through the bridge with all their contract logic intact.

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XP.NETWORK received grants from 15+ blockchains
XP.NETWORK received grants from
15+ blockchains

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In Web 3.0, users and businesses exchange value & data directly. That’s what XP.NETWORK is buidling for NFTs: an interconnected space where collectors, gamers & projects interact across chains.

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